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Uros Oy and its affiliates may use cookies across its websites and online services. With cookies we can provide more personalized experience to you, understand which parts of our services or websites people visit as well as provide deeper understanding into users' behavior for improving our products and services.

If you want to disable or block use of cookies in your favorite web browser, please be aware that some parts of the services may become unavailable or cease working as originally intended. For disabling cookies from your browser, please consult the documentation from the provider; however in most browser cookie related settings can be changed in 'Privacy'-section of the browser settings window.

Our services use cookies from following categories

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential for browsing our web sites and other online services. Without these cookies some functionalities or parts of the services may become complete inaccessible or start behaving in unintended ways.

Performance Cookies

We are using these cookies for collection information about how our web sites or services are being used as well as how they are performing. This data can help us understand how our web sites or services are navigated to improve usability or find out parts of the services that don't operate as intended to. These cookies don't collect any information that can identify you in person. Additionally all of the data these cookies collect is aggregated and thus anonymous.

Functionality Cookies

With these cookies our services and web sites allow us to provide you better overall service by e.g. remembering your earlier choices like preferred language for provided content. These cookies don't collect any information that can be used to identify you in person and they are not used or accessible outside of our web sites or online services.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our user of cookies, you can email your comments or questions us via .