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Service availability

Q: Where is the Goodspeed service available?
A: The Goodspeed service is currently available across Europe and Russia and continues to expand through US and Asia. Please check the latest coverage at

Setting up Goodspeed

Q: Why do I need to Sign up?
A: You’ll need to sign up as a Goodspeed user to have an account where you can change your personal details and payment preferences, view your account statement and manage destinations.
Q: How do I activate my Goodspeed device?
A: Sign in to your account and click the Start button on the page. Then power up your Goodspeed device by pressing the power key on the back. Wait until the activation code appears on the device display and then enter the code at your account. Once the activation code has been accepted, you’ll see a confirmation ”Activation completed” on the device display.

Adding new destinations

Q: How do I add new travel destinations to my Goodspeed device?
A: Please sign in to your account at Select and order the destinations you need. The SIM cards will be sent to your address and after inserting the received SIM cards to your Goodspeed device you are set to go.
Q: What’s the cost of the SIM cards ordered from
A: There is an activation fee of 4,90€ charged for each SIM card ordered.
Q: Can I add also other SIM cards that are not purchased from
A: In addition to the SIMs pre-installed to the Goodspeed device or bought from, you can add one personal SIM card to use with your Goodspeed device in your country of residence. Country of residence is determined by the address you provide when creating your Goodspeed account. Should you move permanently to another country, please contact to change your country of residence.
Q: How do I add a personal SIM card to my Goodspeed device?
A: Insert the personal SIM card into your Goodspeed device and sign in to your account at You can sign in using any internet connection available. You can see in your Summary page that you can now Add a Personal SIM card. Click the Add button and follow the instructions on the screen. The configuration should take some 5-10 minutes after which your webpage will refresh itself opening a page where you need to insert the PIN code of your personal SIM card. Should you have an existing destination SIM for the same country, the personal SIM card will replace it automatically.


Q: What’s the cost of using Goodspeed?
A: The Goodspeed device is priced at 269€ or 219£. A monthly subscription fee of 9,90€ will be applied after you have activated your Goodspeed device. Usage fees are priced depending on the destination country, starting from 5,90€ per day. See a complete list of destination fees from The payments will be charged on your credit card automatically and you can check your account info any time by signing in to your account at In case you use your Goodspeed device just in your country of residence with your personal SIM card, only the monthly fee of 9,90€ will be charged. Other costs generated from using your personal SIM depend on your data plan and are charged by your mobile operator.
Q: What is a day pass?
A: The daily pass consists of the daily fee and the amount of data offered, which vary depending on the destination country. The fees start from 5,90€ and include data up to 1GB per day. See a complete list of day passes from The daily passes are valid from 00:01 to 24:00 the local time and are charged each day you use your Goodspeed device in the destination country.
Q: How can I check the Goodspeed payments charged on my credit card?
A: Please sign in to your account and go the Account statement page, where you will be able to view, print and export the summary of your account activity.

Using Goodspeed

Q: What does the white blinking LED indicate?
A: It indicates that everything is OK and you have an active data connection. The static white LED indicates that everything is OK but you don't have an active data connection. The red LED is a sign of a low battery.
Q: What is the data transfer limit and what happens when I reach it?
A: The data transfer limit depends on the destination country. For example in UK, Luxembourg, Italy and Ireland the maximum data transfer limit is 500MB/day. In Finland, Germany and Switzerland the limit is 1GB/day. When you reach the maximum data limit, which rarely happens, your connection slows down significantly.
Q: Data is not working in my current location, what should I do?
A: Please check that the country you're currently in is among your purchased destinations and that you have inserted the right SIM card to your Goodspeed device. To check that the SIM card is active, please login to your device at or goodspeed.uros. If the problem continues to exist, please contact the Goodspeed customer service at or call +44 2036084754 (UK) for further assistance.
Q: I’m unable to connect to my Goodspeed device with my PC, what should I do?
A: Please check that you've inserted the correct WLAN SSID and password, which can be obtained by accessing Goodspeed device menu and toggling to the right page (page3)
Q: How do I get the necessary software updates to my Goodspeed?
A: Goodspeed device updates itself automatically when needed. It downloads the available update when powered up and installs the update the next time you boot your device, given the adequate battery level. Do not power down your device during the update.

Device settings

Q: How do I change my WLAN name and password?
A: Use you computer/tablet/smartphone browser to login to your device at or goodspeed.uros. You can change your network name and password at the configuration page.
Q: How do I access my Goodspeed account?
A: Use you computer/tablet/smartphone browser to sign in at with the username and password you created when you signed up. If you haven’t created an account yet, please sign up at
Q: I've lost my device. What should I do?
A: If you suspect your device to be stolen, please call the Goodspeed customer service at +44 2036084754 (UK) to permanently deactivate your device. Please note, after the deactivation the device cannot be reactivated by any means and needs to be returned to Uros Ltd if found.

User guide

Goodspeed User guide (PDF)
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