Our Story

We often say that we are passionate about making the impossible possible. But what do we mean by that?

The root of this mindset originates with our founder Jyrki Hallikainen and his vision to change the world through the unlimited opportunities of telecommunications technology. Over time, this simple yet powerful statement has become synonymous with of our way of thinking, and the essence of our values and company culture worldwide.

We are driven by our genuine curiosity and a desire to challenge the accepted norms. This pushes us to generate streams of ideas, to refine them and to boldly pursue them.

"We are passionate about making the impossible possible."

We bring the promises of a connected future to life

The world demands change now more than ever, and this is what we need brave technological innovation for. Yet, the aging systems around us often demand for things to stay the same, inhibiting progress. In this space of contradictory forces, our mindset of challenging the status quo has proven its strength.

Our platform based technologies are built to enable entirely new actions and opportunities for our customers. So that they can do something they couldn't before. Like embrace new business opportunities and uncover synergies through collaborative ecosystems. Or gain new insights from data and then translate them into savings from improved processes and fact-based decision making.

This, in essence, is the promise of IoT that we're making a reality.

Life as we know it has been built alongside streams.

Today we are proud to serve many sectors, industries and cities across the world by helping them make a difference where it matters. Whether it's through enabling truly global connectivity, taking care of natural waters or monitoring the water supply of metropoles populated by millions. It often comes down to enabling streams.

Streams of ideas, streams of data, streams of water, streams of information, streams of people - life as we know it has been built alongside streams.

Stream bigger.

Stream Bigger


UROS was founded


Global offices


Different nationalities

UROS Timeline


  • Launch of GOODSPEED as digital eSIM service on iPhone and iPad
  • Government of India selects UROS as Technology Provider for National Jal Jeevan Mission
  • Group HQ moves to Switzerland


  • New UROS Sense service launched on top of LEW-200
  • UROS Connect service launched
  • UROS Live solution launched
  • Smart Water Cycle evolves into UROS Flow
  • Naming rights to UROS LIVE arena in Tampere
  • Deployment of Elisa private 5G network
  • Strategic partnership with the University of Oulu
  • UROS Innovation Center opens


  • UROS joins Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator program as first European company
  • Goodspeed service expanded to Motorola smartphones
  • 5G capability introduced with University of Oulu
  • LEW-100 sensor upgraded to LEW-200 with new IoT connectivity capability
  • UROS Innovation Center plans announced, endorsed at the White House
  • Brazil office opened
  • Development of UROS Live solution begins
  • Smart Water cooperation project with Neijiang Water Affairs launched


  • Strategic cooperation with operators like Tata Communications, AT&T and Viettel
  • Technology acquisition of liquid quality monitoring sensor LEW-100
  • Shenzhen office opening
  • Development of an IoT connectivity solution begins
  • Bronze Medal Award at the 2018 Global IoT Contest in Hong Kong


  • Launch of the eSIM ecosystem
  • Concept of first turnkey IoT solution, Smart Water Cycle
  • Newly built offices inaugurated in Oulu, Finland
  • New offices opened in Hong Kong
  • Best e-SIM Provisioning Provider Award
  • Strategic partnership with China Telecom Global


  • Goodspeed connectivity solution expands through launch in various smartphones


  • Launch of Goodspeed 4G hotspot at the LTE Summit in Amsterdam
  • UROS & Goodspeed brands take their current shape and look


  • 1st office move as the team grows


  • Goodspeed wins iF Product Design Award


  • Launch of the first connectivity solutions: Goodspeed service and the 3G mobile hotspot


  • UROS is founded
  • Vision of truly global connectivity
  • 1st R&D team takes form
  • Connectivity platform development begins

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