The Future of Global Connectivity

UROS was founded in 2011 with a vision of truly global connectivity. Strong know-how and unparalleled expertise make up our team. As a company, we work towards the original vision, underpinned by our core values of quality, innovativeness, ambition, directness and transparency.

Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, UROS was recently named the country's fastest growing company and among the most promising telecoms suppliers in the world.


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An ambition to challenge the status quo is how the story of UROS began

Our Story

  • The idea of truly global connectivity was appropriately devised on an airplane. Founders Jyrki Hallikainen and Tommi Uhari were coincidentally traveling on the same flight. Seated next to each other, they discussed business and current events in telecoms, an industry in which they both have a long background.

    Both had experienced a gradual awakening to the fact that the high cost and complexity of data roaming was one of the principal inhibitors to staying connected while abroad.

    Data roaming was painfully costly, but opting out was just as costly in terms of wasted time.

    With travel being a big part of both of their professional lives, there was always one need that remained constant: instant connectivity and access to the Internet.

  • UROS was founded

  • Launch of the first product - Goodspeed 3G Mobile Hotspot

  • Significant service coverage expansion took place

  • Launch of the second generation hotspot - Goodspeed 4G Mobile Hotspot

  • Launch of a new roaming innovation - Goodspeed Roaming App for Android

  • Launch of the eSIM ecosystem

    First IoT solution - UROS brings IoT connectivity to smart water grid

  • Second consecutive year of remarkable growth in terms of revenue, number of employees and service scalability


  • Jyrki Hallikainen
    Chairman of the Board, Founder

    Jyrki Hallikainen

    Jyrki founded UROS in 2011 and has been Chairman of the Board from then on. He worked in the mobile phone business at Nokia until 1997. Since then, Jyrki has founded several Mobile Technology companies, among them Microcell. Currently he also acts as an investor. Jyrki holds a Master's degree in Computer Science, Software Systems and Information Technology.

  • Jerry Raatikainen
    CEO, Member of the Board

    Jerry Raatikainen

    Jerry has been at UROS since its beginning, and was the first hire to join the company. In May 2017, at a time of significant growth and expansion of the business, he was appointed Group CEO. Jerry has a solid history in production management dating back to his years at Siemens, PKC Group, Flextronics and Nokia. As Board Member and CEO, Jerry works closely with Jyrki in setting and executing UROS' strategy.

  • Unna Hallikainen
    Member of the Board, Director of Marketing

    Unna Hallikainen

    Unna joined UROS in 2014 and has since worked within the company's Marketing and Finance departments. She has an international background and holds an MSc in Management from the London School of Economics. Unna joined the Board in 2018 to represent the interest of the shareholders.

  • Pekka Puolakka
    CLO, President

    Pekka Puolakka

    Pekka leads UROS' Legal activities. During his career in law spanning over two decades, Pekka has held the role of the managing partner of Sorainen law firm, managed numerous cross-border M&A deals in addition to complex finance, security and IPO transactions. Pekka's valuable vision and expertise in his field support the company's current and upcoming stages of growth. Pekka is based at UROS' Helsinki location.

  • Mikko Kilpinen

    Mikko Kilpinen

    Mikko leads UROS' Finance function. Based in Helsinki, Mikko has a strong international background with over 20 years of experience in various executive finance and operational roles in risk management, corporate governance and treasury. Previously he has held Group CFO positions in Adven Group and Consolis Group, and served as Executive Vice President of Building Business Line in Consolis Group.

  • Herbert Chan
    CMO, General Manager (Greater China)

    Herbert Chan

    Herbert heads UROS' global Sales and Marketing activities. Based in Hong Kong, he strengthens the company's reach in Asia. Herbert is a visionary marketing and sales channel professional, with an impressive track record in Telecommunication, Mobile Device and Consumer Electronics industries. His great relationships with operators, retail channel and country level distributors in the EMEA and APAC regions as well as his management experience are great contributions to UROS.

  • Marcelo Guimaraes

    Marcelo Guimaraes

    Marcelo adds to UROS' leverage in Latin America for the core businesses of Global Roaming and IoT solutions. During his career of over 35 years in the Telecom industry and in multinational companies such as IBM, Motorola, Brightstar and Antel, he has amassed a wealth of experience in several areas ranging from New Business and Product Development to developing business partnerships globally for the Hi-Tech industry.

  • Vladimir Olechshenko
    COO, IoT & Smart Cities

    Vladimir Olechshenko

    Vladimir has nearly 20 years of experience in managerial roles in both Finnish and international companies including Outotec and Metso Minerals. During his career, Vladimir has built strong relationships all around the world, with both public and private sector players, especially in Russia, the CIS Region, Pakistan and Iran. His extensive skills and understanding of these markets and industries are a valuable asset for him in his new role as UROS COO, IoT and Smart Cities.

  • Raimo Järvenpää
    Vice President, Carrier Relations

    Raimo Järvenpää

    Raimo leads UROS' Carrier Relations with a thorough understanding of the operator market, business and technical aspects with his 17-year product and feature management career at Nokia, as well as the years working with major operator accounts including AT&T, Vodafone and T-Mobile among others. Raimo has been a valued member of UROS' Management since the very beginning.

  • Ilkka Rahikainen
    Vice President, Products

    Ilkka Rahikainen

    Ilkka runs the System Design for creating new functionalies for current products. He is in charge of UROS' Technology Management, IPR Portfolio Management and Product Development process improvements including testing and quality improvement actions. During his career of more than 20 in Engineering and Management, Ilkka has created different types of innovative engineering products and solutions. Ilkka holds a M.Sc. in Technology and a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration.

  • Aimo Vainio
    Vice President, Product Creation, IoT

    Aimo Vainio

    Aimo leads UROS' IoT product development. He began his career at Nokia in various Product Development positions and moved up to Product Program Manager, leading large development projects. He has since held several managerial positions at Nokia, MyOrigo, Navicron and Valopaa, Before joining UROS he was the Managing Director at Navicron, and later at Valopaa. Aimo has a Master's degree in Computer Science.

  • Mika Pohjola
    Vice President, Business Development

    Mika Pohjola

    Mika leads UROS' business development activities across Group global operations in several verticals and new business areas. During his career spanning more than two decades, Mika has accumulated expertise in development, sales, management and executive roles in software and telecom businesses. Mika's experience along with his attitude and dedication to results contribute greatly to the company's global growth strategy. Mika is based at UROS Helsinki location.

  • Santtu Harvio
    Director, Research & Development

    Santtu Harvio

    Santtu leads UROS' Research & Development activities, a key role in the company's current rate of growth. Previously in his career, Santtu has worked on various large-scale software projects, including a comprehensive global advertising system for Dow Jones / Wall Street Journal, and during his time at Nokia, a web-based solution for a high-demand market in terms of performance, availability and scalability for tens of millions of users.

  • Tapio Rautava
    Director, Strategic Partnerships

    Tapio Rautava

    Tapio leads UROS' strategic partnerships, contributing greatly to further accelerating the company's global growth strategy. With over 30 years in the business, Tapio is an experienced professional in the Global Wireless Telecom and Semiconductor industries. During his career he has held positions at various multinational companies including Broadcom, Spreadtrum Communications, Renesas Mobile and Nokia.

  • Mika Alamartimo
    Director, eSIM Ecosystem

    Mika Alamartimo

    Mika leads UROS eSIM Ecosystem, with over 20 years experience of being in the front-line in leading edge technology and product development. Previously he has held senior positions at Nokia, including Head of Chipsets and Head of System Projects, as well as Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. Mika's extensive skills and understanding in developing business cases for new programs and investments are valuable assets in his position.

  • Juha Illikainen
    Director, Account Management

    Juha Illikainen

    Juha heads UROS' Account Management by building and maintaining strong relationships with key accounts and partners globally. During his 20+ years in the forefront of international technology industry, Juha has gained invaluable expertise from several managerial positions at JOT Automation in Finland as well as the San Francisco Bay Area. Juha brings drive and insight to UROS' business expansion into countries in Latin America, including Brazil.

  • Jari Korkiakoski
    Chief Architect

    Jari Korkiakoski

    Jari provides architectural vision and direction for a range of products in UROS' portfolio. As the resident technical genius, Jari supports product management in analysing and evaluating new product needs from a technical and architectural perspective, in addition to giving guidance and support to the development teams.

  • Frederico Mandolesi
    General Manager South America

    Frederico Mandolesi

    Frederico leads UROS' business activities in South America. During his 25 years in the Telecommunication, Computing and Consumer Electronics industries, has established a career in various multinational companies such including Philips and Robertshaw, and brings insight and expertise to UROS' business expansion into countries in Latin America, including Mexico.

  • Debbie Wilkins
    General Manager Africa

    Debbie Wilkins

    Debbie leads UROS' business development activities in Africa. She has close to 20 years of experience in sales, product management and strategic accounts at some of the largest companies in the business, such as Samsung, Motorola, Ericsson and Vodacom. Her enthusiasm, positive energy and outstanding qualifications in building strong partner relationships will contribute to UROS' growth objectives in the Africa region. Debbie is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Riikka Kotila
    Finance Manager

    Riikka Kotila

    Riikka heads UROS' financial activities with years of experience in International Trade and a Master's degree in Economics and Business Administration. She ensures UROS' finances are compliant with internal financial and accounting policies and procedures and takes care of budget control, business performance and cash flow monitoring.

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AAA Creditworthiness

UROS has been awarded AAA Creditworthiness, the highest level of credit rating for companies.

GSM Association

We are a proud member of GSM Association, and work together with other industry players to develop roaming and IoT solutions that benefit our customers as well as the telecom operators partnering with us.

SuperIoT Alliance

Since 2017 we have been part of Finland-based SuperIoT alliance and development program, an IoT ecosystem of 150+ companies that with comprehensive digitalisation delivers the whole IoT solution from sensors to data analytics.


UROS is an official partner and active member of 5GTN, which acts as verification platform for 5G technology, business models and services. 5GTN provides an open state-of-the-art test platform for R&D, trials and demonstrations for research and industry partners, lately focusing more and more on applications and different verticals.

Leverage from the EU

UROS Ltd has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund during 2016-2018. The ERDF aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by supporting projects that develop businesses, the creation of innovations, networking, knowledge, and the accessibility of areas. The objective of this ERDF funded project is to expand UROS' service offering to new markets, as well as to develop new products and services for the IoT industry.


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