About us

UROS was founded in 2011 by Jyrki Hallikainen.

With decades of experience at the forefront of mobile technology and as an entrepreneur, he had a vision that UROS has consistently pursued from day one.

An ambition to challenge the status quo

Since 2011 UROS has executed the original vision of truly global connectivity with unmatched dedication and know-how, and is today a respected partner to the world’s largest telecom operators and technology giants, as well as one of the biggest growth stories of the Finnish economy.

The core values of UROS


Exploring. Acting. Recognising.


Thinking smarter. Uncompromising. Respecting.


Thinking bigger. Challenging. Leading.

Key Personnel

Introduction to UROS leadership

Jyrki Hallikainen

Chairman of the Board, Founder

Jerry Raatikainen

CEO UROS Group, Member of the Board

Unna Hallikainen

Vice President, Marketing, UROS Group, Member of the Board

Rauno Jokelainen

CTO UROS Group, Country Manager, Finland

Oscar Falkman


Jan Lattunen

CCO UROS Group and President for Americas

Juho Kokkonen

Vice President, Operations, UROS Group

Mika Pohjola

Vice President, Sales & Business Development, UROS Group

Ilkka Rahikainen

Vice President, Innovation & Technology, UROS Group

Pekka Suhonen

Vice President, M&A, UROS Group

Raimo Järvenpää

Vice President, Carrier Relations

Aimo Vainio

Vice President, Product Creation, IoT

Herbert Chan

General Manager, Greater China & APAC

Marcelo Guimaraes

General Manager, Latin America

Frederico Mandolesi

General Manager, Americas

Vladimir Olechshenko

Managing Director, CEE & CIS

Kumar Subramaniam

Managing Director, South Asia & Middle East

Debbie Wilkins

General Manager, Africa

Hannu Nikurautio

Senior Director, Strategic Projects

Kai Fröjd

Director, Finance

Santtu Harvio

Director, Research & Development

Juha Illikainen

Director, Account Management

Tommi Nyberg

Director, Business Development & Data

Tapio Rautava

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Verneri Kohonen

Head of Innovation & Technology

Jari Korkiakoski

Chief Architect

Marko Säkkinen

Chief Architect, Embedded SW

Kimmo Äijälä

Chief Service Designer

Industry Affiliations

IoT is Team Play. We're proud to have industry affiliations with the following organisations, alliances and programs keeping us at the forefront of the industry.


As an associate member of the GSMA, we work together with other industry players to develop solutions that benefit our customers as well as the telecom operators partnering with us.

SuperIoT Alliance

Since 2017 we have been part of Finland-based SuperIoT alliance and development program of 150+ companies with comprehensive digitalisation capabilities.


5G Test Network facilities in the city of Oulu, Finland offer unique possibilities for members to test 5G technology, components or new services in real time.

Qualcomm® Smart Cities
Accelerator Program

A program for fast-tracking the transformation of smart cities for members with proven expertise in commercially deployed solutions.

UROS has been awarded highest AAA Creditworthiness by Bisnode 2020.

UROS has the lowest Credit Risk in the DUN & Bradstreet Credit Risk Classification 2020.

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Making the impossible into reality has no shortcuts. You need attitude and passion to make it happen. This is our everyday ambition at UROS, and we are just getting started.

Jerry Raatikainen
CEO UROS Group, Member of the Board

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