Our research focuses on the future of global IoT ecosystems and Smart Connectivity.

Reports are free to download below.

UROS Research

In developing global connectivity technologies and solutions, UROS takes a fact based approach. Results and analysis from our research provide the foundation for our innovations.

[ { "date": "January 21, 2018", "title": "Research: eSIM expected to destroy international roaming", "url": "/research/esim-for-roaming-consumer-research-html.html", "description": "Free research report discussing MNO opinions on eSIM in international roaming, and their plans for rolling out eSIM services. Indispensable report for any organization in the roaming industry." } , { "date": "December 1, 2017", "title": "White Paper: Roaming IoT platforms", "url": "/research/roaming-iot-platforms-white-paper-html.html", "description": "Free white paper discussing implementation challenges associated with roaming IoT platforms. Must-read for any organization looking for an IoT platform." } , { "date": "September 20, 2017", "title": "MNOs' Roaming IoT revenues expected to increase despite challenges", "url": "/research/roaming-iot-survey-2017-html.html", "description": "The Roaming IoT survey that was responded by MNOs globally sheds light on the opportunities and challenges that Roaming IoT will bring on the road to 2020." } , { "date": "November 20, 2016", "title": "Research: Roaming Bill Shock creates challenges for MNOs", "url": "/research/roaming-bill-shock-survey-2016-html.html", "description": "Following a request by UROS, ROCCO gathered feedback from MNOs globally about Roaming Bill Shock to measure the effect of the issue on Mobile Roaming." } , { "date": "June 10, 2016", "title": "Survey: Roaming Bill Shock Research 2015", "url": "/research/roaming-bill-shock-research-2015-html.html", "description": "Between September and October 2015 ROCCO asked GSMA operators globally to give their perceptions of roaming bill shock, how they thought roaming bill shock occurred and what solutions they were facing in resolving these occurrences." } ]