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UROS brings end-to-end global IoT solutions for an array of industries and needs. When it comes to global connectivity, remote connectivity management, or smart process management and optimization, UROS delivers robust solutions tailored to the customers' needs.

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Wireless global connectivity

Wireless global connectivity

High-quality global connectivity via eSIM ecosystem to connect wireless sensors and present the processed data in real time. The solution uses local 4G, 3G and 2G as well as LoRa and NB networks to enable seamless connectivity in over 120 countries all over the world.

Process optimization

Process optimization

Our Smart Sensors constantly monitor the process for deviations. The data is transmitted wirelessly and processed by AI. The solution visualises tacit knowledge for users, and enhances resource predictability and efficiency within the process.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

The customisable Smart User Interface allows monitoring and control of various stages within the Smart Process Management, regardless of industry. Remote operability reduces the need for on-site monitoring visits.

Liquid quality control

Liquid quality control

The solution enables the real-time control of the quality of different kinds of liquids including process waters, furnishes, slurries and waste water. Real-time control shortens reaction times and adds cost efficiency.

Vertical Markets

Municipal water

Water supply networks suffer from high leakage levels and undetected disruptions, as well as hit-and-miss water quality monitoring that create unnecessary costs that could be managed or avoided altogether.

UROS Smart Water Cycle has been developed by combining the capabilities of UROS as a global connectivity specialist, and Pisara's expertise in Risk Based Asset Management (RBAM). The solutions offer liquid quality measurement, detecting even the slightest changes in water quality, informing operators and water users of possible contaminations.

Pulp and paper

Pulp and paper mills are some of the largest industrial users of process water. Chemical dosing and quality of raw materials can have an enormous impact on paper machines ability to run potentially increasing overhead costs and hindering competitiveness.

UROS offers a solution to monitor the quality of the wet-end and to detect changes in quality caused by contamination, disturbances or incorrect chemical dosing. Deviations from the desired quality level are reported in real time via SMS and e-mail alerts, giving the operator the opportunity to take immediate preventive action.

Food and beverage

The quality and purity of process water is paramount to the food and beverage industry, as it has a great impact on the quality and taste of end products. This makes water treatment an essential part of the process.

UROS helps its clients in the food and beverage industry reduce their costs by improving the production processes. Our solution detects the slightest deviations in liquid quality, enabling immediate preventive action by operators.

Metal and mining

One of the major challenges that the metal and mining industry faces is water treatment. Critical concerns in the industry include the availability of water, its management in the process, and waste water treatment according to regulations.

UROS' smart monitoring solution provides tools to manage the water asset in a sustainable way. It enhances the water cycle so that water resources can be utilized efficiently, thus reducing the operating costs and improving competitiveness.

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