IoT takeaways from MWC 2017

March 9, 2017

If there was one thing that MNOs and vendors were talking about last week at the 17th annual Mobile World Congress it must be the Internet of Things. But before presenting the feedback from MNOs about their specific views on IoT, I wanted to give a brief recap on the fantastic and eventful week in Barcelona.

What does Spain, The Netherlands, China and Finland have in common? They are places where UROS is partnering in innovation. Just before the Barcelona week started we were pleased to announce UROS’ co-operation with Pisara, a Finnish water management platform initiative from Jyväskylä Energy. The project jointly delivers innovative new services for water supply systems on a global scale. The co-operation will combine IoT connectivity provided by UROS with Pisara’s advanced technical water solutions to create smart management solutions for national water operation systems around the globe.

On Tuesday, we were proud to share exciting news from #MWC17 about UROS and iBasis collaboration to enable Roaming IoT devices. UROS and iBasis announced the first remote provisioning of a user subscription in a mobile hotspot device. The new global mobile access technology allows the UROS’ Goodspeed mobile hotspots, Goodspeed Roaming enabled smartphones and many other connected UROS IoT devices, to update to a selected local mobile operator subscription automatically as users travel across borders, all using a single SIM.

We were also delighted to reveal on the 28th that UROS’ Goodspeed Roaming app will be embedded in the newly launched ZTE Blade V8 Lite. Goodspeed Roaming, offering low-cost flat-rate mobile data globally, is implemented as a joint product development project with ZTE. It was great to meet again with Jacky Zhang, Senior Vice President of ZTE Corporation and CEO of EMEA and APAC for ZTE Mobile Devices. Which by the way, we thought was the most impressive stand of any device manufacturer at #MWC17. ZTE also gave the beautiful Bright Night event at Theatre Nacional de Catalunya. Truly a sparkling evening!

Among other highlights from UROS were, our Founder and Chairman of the Board, Jyrki Hallikainen appearing and showing his support on our stand in hall 8. We also had a full house at both our speaking events at MWC17 NEXTech Labs where I presented on the latest Roaming IoT insights. The research conducted with the help of ROCCO is the first ever large-scale research into Roaming IoT and is still open for MNO participation, but has already delivered some interesting insights which were shared specifically at MWC17 Barcelona.

As you can see these days, Roaming is not only about people and while networking around the conference, what was clear is that there is an explosion of new innovations in Barcelona related to or in need of support from the Internet of Things. Be it the Cognitive dress as presented by IBM, Lechal’s amazing Intelligent Insoles or the Intelligent toothbrush which tells you where you have cleaned and where you haven’t, most devices will roam and need support.

This is the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution!

As UROS is a provider of our own Roaming Internet of Things platform we were keen to understand from the MNOs what their theories were about how to deliver Roaming for the plethora of new devices coming our way. Among the MNOs who attended our stand the feedback was that clearly today, with Internet of Things permanent roaming policies and standards differing globally there is still some work to do in the industry before IoT evolves into the booming business we hear it will be. This is however the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the change will come. UROS is proud to be here, offering a unique management platform for Roaming Internet of Things at the start of an incredible change meeting MNOs and Vendors globally. If you have noticed one thing from us, it’s that we never stop moving, innovating and developing solutions our clients tell us they need.

I want to send a big thank you out to the UROS team who joined me last week in Barcelona and on our stand. We had so many visitors and all with something to say about how we were growing as a company. This is a credit to the resources we have, unique Finnish expertise and ambition to innovate the market.

Now it’s time for the gang to pause a while before GSMA WAS later this month, hope to see you in Macau for more news and insights from UROS and the world of Roaming.


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