UROS Innovation Center hosts Vauhtijuoksu 2021 charity marathon

May 11, 2021

One of the key aspirations at the heart of the UROS Innovation Center is to enable our stakeholders to get inspired, and to spark a passion for making things happen. When our R&D Software Engineer Uula Ranta pitched the idea of hosting a student-led speedrun marathon charity event in the Innovation Center showroom, we felt it struck a chord with our mission.

Vauhtijuoksu is an annual charity event organised by Vauhtijuoksu ry, a Finnish speedrun association whose purpose is to promote, support and spread the speedrun hobby. Vauhtijuoksu ry was founded in 2020, but operations began in 2019 with the Vauhtijuoksu ry event organized by Oulun Tietoteekkarit ry (the subject organization for IT students at the Oulu University).

This year, the speedrun marathon had 37 participants (including two of our very own speedrun enthusiasts). The event was put together by 20 volunteers, and the marathon speedrun stream lasted nearly 80 hours, with over 9000 viewers throughout its duration. 

Vauhtijuoksu 2021 raised money to benefit MIELI ry’s Mielinauha campaign, focusing on providing support and tools for people experiencing challenges with mental health, as well as encouraging open discussion surrounding mental health topics. 

This year the marathon event raised a grand total of 8700€ towards helping the very important work done by MIELI ry. Well done everyone at Vauhtijuoksu ry and the entire team of volunteers!


About Vauhtijuoksu ry
Vauhtijuoksu ry organizes various speedrun events, the most important of which is the annual Vauhtijuoksu charity marathon, which is held during spring time, coinciding with students’ traditional First of May celebrations. More than €16.000 have been raised for charity in the last two years.

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