Let the 2017 World Wi-Fi Day celebrations begin

June 13, 2017

June 20th won’t only be a sleepy Tuesday in the idyllic summer we are expecting this year; since 2016, it has also become a worldwide reason to celebrate one of humanity’s biggest accomplishments - Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi has definitely turned into a first world necessity - no one nowadays would book a hotel without a Wi-Fi connection and many of us have sweated and fidgeted irritatingly in a Wi-Fi-less café abroad, with our mobile data turned off and the same question orbiting our heads “How is it even possible that they don’t have Wi-Fi!?”. It might not be top priority for less developed countries, but it is not only about texting and browsing the internet - Wi-Fi is a tool to give us a voice and there are many out there that would like to be heard.

World Wi-Fi day thrives on hope - literally and figuratively - to spread its connectivity to the darkest spots in the world where four billion people still have no internet access today. It’s an initiative by the World Broadband Alliance (WBA) that seeks to expand and provide the opportunity for everyone to have access to cheap - or even free - data.

World Wi-Fi Day is a worldwide initiative organized by WBA under the leadership of Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB)

Cities, governments, internet giants, MNOs - and anyone who is directly or indirectly involved with the internet is encouraged to contribute in the joined efforts to spread connectivity. And not only with financial means: senior executive statements, project announcements, case studies, etc. are also a great option for enthusiastic participants.

The HOPE for Connectivity is an initiative that stands on four pillars: help, offer, promote and engage.

+ Help fund and support Wi-Fi deployments for underserved and unconnected.
+ Offer access to more affordable internet through public Wi-Fi networks.
+ Promote Wi-Fi initiatives of industry and governments to connect the unconnected.
+ Engage - recognise the role of Wi-Fi in addressing the “digital divide”.

What this initiative also seeks is a standard as Wi-Fi is different all over the world and there is no common platform to guide us. This fragmentation makes it hard for consumers to move seamlessly through the world on a single Wi-Fi platform since they always have to enter credential information before they can access it. But the plan is to change all that.

Wi-Fi communication is still evolving to accommodate not only people, but also devices - the Internet of Things requires constant connectivity in order to improve our lives, which has led the experts to concocting Wi-Fi HaLow. Double the range of standard 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connections with better obstacle penetration, it is better suited for small data payloads designed precisely for IoT devices.

UROS’ Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi endorses the Wi-Fi functionality as a component of its mobile hotspots. The hotspot converts local network connection abroad into a private and secure Wi-Fi for 15 mobile devices and keeps you connected wherever you travel in the world.

In the spirit of the World Wi-Fi Day UROS is offering a 10% discount on Goodspeed Mobile Hotspot for orders placed before the end of July. Go to the World Wi-Fi Day website for the discount code and for more information about the offer. Whether you are on the road with a Goodspeed hotspot, using the Goodspeed Roaming App or connecting your IoT devices with UROS’ global connectivity solution, you are always online with UROS and Goodspeed.

Hanne Mattinen

HR Manager

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