Águas de Cabrália certifies UROS Sense as the real-time water quality monitoring service in the municipality

July 29, 2021

July 29th, 2021 - São Paulo, Brazil. Following a rigorous testing phase at its treatment plant, Águas de Cabrália Concessionaire, a municipal water operator in Brazil, has certified UROS Sense and validated the solution as their chosen water quality monitoring system, to ensure the real-time quality monitoring of the service they offer the population of the municipality.

By combining the AI-powered digital service with wireless sensors, UROS Sense provides a solution that monitors liquid quality in real-time, notifying the user if deviations in the overall liquid quality occur. This provides the public water system with an accurate assessment and control of the water quality, allowing greater safety to the concessionaire and end consumers. The solution also helps with eliminating the risk of contamination that might exist, while monitoring the supply of tap water in the distribution pipe.

Eng. Augusto Zoli, CEO of the Águas de Cabrália Concessionaire says of the news: “The quality and efficiency of the treatment given by the monitoring of UROS Sense are rigorously checked 24 hours a day, giving instantaneous alerts when changes happen, ensuring compliance with regulators such as Anvisa, Cetesb and other directives of the Ministry of Health.”

“Through using the UROS Sense solution, the concessionaire will gain access to instant, usable and easy-to-interpret information, obtaining a real-time view of the electrochemical fingerprint of the water that is produced, treated and distributed. If deviations are detected in the established quality standard, the notification service lets them know in real time through automatic email alerts, enabling quicker reaction times and thus less down time”, comments Marcelo Guimarães, UROS General Manager for Latin America.

Contact for UROS
Sabine Kruck, Marketing Director, LatAm

About UROS Sense
UROS Sense is a turnkey IoT solution made up of smart wireless sensors, gateways and an AI-powered data processing system. It uses electrochemical fingerprinting to detect and report changes in water quality in real time, sending an automated alert whenever a significant deviation from a predefined reference baseline occurs. The methodology, developed by water specialists, electrochemists, automation engineers and neural network experts, is extremely effective with its ability to detect overall quality changes before they become visible in individual parameters.

About UROS
UROS is a global technology company founded in Oulu, Finland in 2011. UROS builds turnkey IoT and global connectivity solutions for a broad range of vertical industries, businesses, and consumers through its eSIM enabled platform. For more information visit uros.com.

About Águas de Cabrália
Águas de Cabrália is the concessionaire of the public services of basic sanitation of Cabrália Paulista. It operates in the management and operation of water supply and sewage systems, as well as in the management of customers for these services, through concessions and partnerships with municipalities, states, and public companies.

Águas de Cabrália is an operation, with the responsibility of serving the population of Cabrália Paulista and the scope of its service places them among the main private operators in the sanitation sector in Brazil. For more information visit aguasdecabralia.com.br

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