eSIM expected to abolish international roaming

January 18, 2018

The research on eSIM for the Roaming Consumer was conducted among MNOs globally during October and November 2017

The majority of MNOs agree that consumer eSIM could eradicate international roaming within 3-5 years time

18th January, 2018 - Oulu, Finland. ROCCO and UROS - Uni-fi Roaming Solutions, the leading eSIM solutions provider for smartphones and IoT, announce today the results of the first global research project about eSIM in the context of international roaming. The survey conducted among Mobile Network Operators globally gives understanding of the current strategic opinions and an estimated timeline for the roll-out of eSIM services.

Information on MNOs’ strategic plans for eSIM was collected from key roaming executives by ROCCO during October and November 2017 to understand the Roaming and Interconnect Industry today and to help the industry strategically with relevant and valuable findings on the position of processes, industry challenges and industry suppliers.

107 MNOs from 92 countries provided confidential data and analysed their plans and expectations for eSIM roll-out by device type and by region, as well as intentions regarding supporting eSIM for inbound and outbound roaming. The MNOs also described the opportunities and threats of consumer eSIM for the industry.

“It was important for ROCCO to gauge the reaction of MNOs to this industry initative which has effectively been introduced by device manufacturers, this change is not to be underestimated and brings into play a new way to think about mobile devices which cross international borders” says Jason Bryan CEO of ROCCO. The results indicate that from the MNO perspective consumer eSIM could eradicate the need for international roaming within the next 3-5 years suggesting that MNOs are aware of the evolution and involved in projects to bring the eSIM to the market.

Mika Alamartimo, eSIM Program Manager at UROS adds: “eSIM will provide great opportunities for MNOs to create new and innovative products and solutions for consumers. UROS is excited to be at the forefront of this ground-breaking new field, as a leading eSIM solutions provider for smartphones and IoT.”

Details about the research and research methodology can be obtained from ROCCO by contacting ROCCO at while the report itself is available for download from UROS.


ROCCO is the Roaming Consulting Company. Providing for the last 5 years Strategic Insights for MNOs and Vendors into many aspects of Roaming and Interconnect, including VoLTE Roaming, Regulation Strategy, A2P SMS Messaging, Signalling Firewalls and IPX Networks. ROCCO conducts Research with over 500 MNOs annually on hot topics but also provides an Insight Community to Vendors on how Products and Services they might offer into the market, including Brand Tracker projects and Brand Awareness projects.

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