Goodspeed Roaming App expands into Wi-Fi with partnership

July 4, 2018

Goodspeed Roaming App adds AT&T’s global Wi-Fi network

Provides a simple solution for roaming without bill shock now in 140+ countries

Users can access the extended network coverage by getting the app’s latest update on Google Play

4 July, 2018 - Oulu, Finland. UROS, leading innovator in global connectivity, today announced the availability of global Wi-Fi venues through an agreement with AT&T for all Goodspeed Roaming App users. The extended footprint has been added to Goodspeed roaming service, offered as a value-added app in selected Android smartphones.

Since launching the first Goodspeed services in 2012, UROS has been partnering with MNOs to provide seamless connectivity services to its global users. The agreement marks the next significant step forward in the offering. With the addition of the global Wi-Fi coverage through AT&T, Goodspeed Roaming App now guarantees low-cost connectivity in over 140+ countries through cellular networks as well as 12 million Wi-Fi hotspots, further improving its coverage. Goodspeed Roaming App users can access the extended network coverage by updating the app normally via Google Play.

Speaking on the occasion, Jerry Raatikainen, CEO of UROS said, “The launch of the new and enhanced service demonstrates our commitment to Goodspeed Roaming App users as well as our capabilities in developing the most innovative global connectivity solutions.”

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