Kärpät Hockey Club partners with UROS to drive fan engagement in live hockey games

September 28, 2020

Partnership will also bring new added value for the team’s commercial partners 

28th September, 2020 - Oulu, Finland. Kärpät Oulu Hockey Club, one of the most successful Finnish ice hockey teams in the 21st century and UROS are delighted to announce a new dimension to their long-standing partnership. Going into the upcoming season, which starts on October 1st, the partnership will see Kärpät deploy new UROS technologies to drive fan engagement during the team’s home games.

Kärpät will be using select features of the new UROS Live Platform to offer new content and real-time digital experiences for fans in the arena as well as remote fans, while also adding new value for their sponsors and commercial partners.

The UROS Live Platform, due to become publicly available during Q4 this year, is all about creating better experiences for fans and event-goers. UROS Live connects event organisers, service providers and arenas with the latest technology and unites them with a next-generation data platform designed for collaboration and creating new revenue streams.

UROS announced that it is branching out into the digital experience space earlier this year as it acquired the naming rights to the UROS LIVE arena. The move is an extension of the company’s commitment to strategically develop smart city solutions.

“We are very happy to deepen our partnership with Kärpät”, says Juho Kokkonen, UROS VP, Operations. “Across all our businesses, our mission is to make the IoT promise a reality. We want our solutions, devices and technologies to enable new actions, so that our customers can do or experience something they couldn’t before. Kärpät is committed to offering their fans the best experience possible, making them the perfect match for this pilot”, he adds.

Kärpät has always been a fan-focused club, known for its active fan base throughout Finland. The Covid-19 pandemic nevertheless presented a unique opportunity to rethink new ways in which remote fans could participate in the live events and how a sense of the stadium community could be recreated beyond physical limits of the arena itself.

Tommi Virkkunen, Managing Director of Kärpät Oulu says, “Kärpät has a history of pioneering new projects, and we begin piloting this interesting new innovation together with UROS with an open mind. Our goal is to engage the fans and encourage them to become a part of a more active hockey game event through using modern technology, and to offer even more new services in the future for our fans, partners and other companies.”

About Kärpät

Kärpät Oulu, founded in 1946, is a Finnish hockey club that has based its success in the 2000’s on its strong junior program and tight collaboration with various stakeholder groups. The Kärpät slogan ‘Fast, Strong and Reliable’ mirrors the club’s quick ability to transform and adapt to challenges of the day, its strong commitment to shared goals as well as its reliability as a partner.

About UROS

UROS a Finnish technology company founded in Oulu in 2011. UROS builds turnkey IoT and global connectivity solutions for a broad range of vertical industries, businesses and consumers through its eSIM enabled platform. For additional information visit uros.com.

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