Lahti Aqua selects UROS for Sanitation Safety Planning

May 28, 2020

The regional water supply company owned by the Finnish City of Lahti deploys UROS Sense liquid quality monitoring solution to systematically identify and manage risk along sanitation chain

28th May, 2020 - Oulu, Finland. UROS today announced that Lahti Aqua, a regional water supply company owned by the City of Lahti, has deployed the UROS Sense liquid quality monitoring solution to support quality monitoring and risk management across critical points of its wastewater treatment process and sanitation chain.

UROS Sense is a turnkey IoT solution made up of smart wireless sensors, LoRaWan gateways and an AI-powered data processing system. It uses electrochemical fingerprinting to detect and report changes in liquid quality in real time, sending an automated alert whenever a significant deviation from a predefined reference baseline occurs. The methodology, developed by water specialists, electrochemists, automation engineers and neural network experts, is extremely effective with its ability to detect overall quality changes before they become visible in individual parameters.

In addition to the wide technical expertise that is the foundation of the solution, UROS has been working closely with Finnish water and energy company ALVA to gain a strong practical understanding of the municipal water industry. ALVA is one of Finland’s most advanced multiutility companies, thanks to its wide adaptation of digital solutions for risk-based asset management in water, heat and electricity networks.

UROS VP Operations, Juho Kokkonen says, “With this announcement we are excited to share that Lahti is now the latest city to deploy our water technology in Finland. At UROS, our international water business has seen excellent growth, and it’s always a pleasure to help water utilities in our home country to take further steps in digitalisation. The uniqueness of our UROS Sense service is not only in improving environmental aspects for water quality monitoring, but also in how it can change a water utility’s mode of operations by enabling effectiveness with new data insights.”

Lahti Aqua provides high quality water services that are safe and cost efficient for domestic and industrial use in the Lahti and Hollola region. The services cover clean water supply and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, as well as managing and developing water services as an entity.

Lahti Aqua currently processes the wastewaters of approximately 140,000 residents as well as the wastewaters of the region’s industry.

“At Lahti Aqua, our strategic goals are high quality, low cost, low risk and customer service. We are a modern water operator with the highest customer satisfaction in our class, and we continuously strive to improve our operations in all areas of the water cycle. In wastewater management and sanitation planning, we have relied heavily on frequent sampling and laboratory analysis in order to acquire a sufficient amount of information to monitor the performance of our processes”, says Hannu Mustonen, CEO of Lahti Palvelu Ltd, a company owned by Lahti Aqua Oy, which provides operational operation and maintenance services for water supply in Lahti and Hollola.

“With UROS Sense, we are able to optimise our sampling and have access to more data to make the important daily operative decisions. UROS Sense also supports our Sanitation safety planning (SSP) objectives”, he adds.

Sanitation Safety Planning (SSP) is a risk-based approach to assist in the implementation of local level risk assessment and management for the sanitation service chain. SSP support the implementation of the WHO Guidelines on sanitation and Health and the WHO Guidelines for Safe Use of Wastewater, Excreta and Greywater[1].

[1] Sanitation Safety Planning, WHO.

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