UROS announces opening of new office in Shenzhen, emphasises focus on IoT activities

September 10, 2018

The Shenzhen office in Mainland China will act as a new IoT hub for UROS GROUP

Marks the second office opening in Asia within the past year

10th September, 2018 - Shenzhen, China. UROS, a leading innovator in IoT solutions and global connectivity today opened a new office in Shenzhen, China.

The new location at Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone will take on a central role in the company’s current and upcoming operations in China, and will house UROS’ new subsidiary Shenzhen UROS IoT Technology Company Limited.

“With the majority of IoT activity in China taking place in the innovation centric city of Shenzhen, it was a logical next step in UROS’ expanded presence in Asia. Also taking into consideration Shenzhen’s heritage in the manufacturing business, its talent base, technological know-how and its proximity to many important customers and strategic partners, it is a perfect IoT hub for UROS in China, but also on a global level”, said CEO Jerry Raatikainen.

This is the second office UROS opens in Asia within a year’s time. Last October UROS began operations in Hong Kong at a location in the Kowloon business district.

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