UROS Group transfers HQ to Switzerland

March 24, 2021

UROS Group moves its headquarters to Freienbach, the Canton of Schwyz

Corporate restructuring to be finalised during H1 2021


24th March, 2021 - Freienbach, Switzerland. UROS today announced the move of its group headquarters from Oulu, Finland to Switzerland. The new parent company UROS AG is located in Freienbach, the Canton of Schwyz. 

Switzerland was selected after a careful evaluation of the market conditions, availability of international top talent, and the proximity to financial institutions and technology partners. The move is also an important step in UROS’ pathway to IPO readiness and it facilitates future growth through M&A.

Finland will remain as the driver of our growing R&D activities. Rauno Jokelainen, UROS Group CTO continues as country manager for Finland.

“We are proud of our heritage in Finland, and will continue to invest in our growing R&D campus and the adjoining UROS Innovation Center in Oulu. We are also committed to the UROS LIVE Arena and its partner ecosystem in Tampere”, says UROS Group CEO Jerry Raatikainen.

“This move coincides with our 10-year anniversary, and is the first page of our next chapter”, adds Founder and main owner of UROS Group, Jyrki Hallikainen.

The corporate restructuring is expected to be finalised during the first half of the current year.

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