UROS Innovation Center opens, launch day partners announced

October 1, 2020

1st October, 2020 - Oulu, Finland. UROS today announced the opening of its new IoT and 5G Innovation Center, made up of an interactive showroom, a collaborative lab and a creators’ lounge.

The Innovation Center kicks off its operations in Oulu, Finland, exactly one year after the establishment plans were made public in October 2019, and strives to offer a best-in-class innovation environment for all stakeholders of the IoT ecosystem with a mission to inspire ambition and action in every visitor to make their own impossible possible.

Focusing on smart cities, wearables, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, drones, industrial IoT, fintech and automotive, the Innovation Center is primarily targeted at startups, established companies (OEMs and ODMs) as well as universities as a place to promote IP generation and monetisation of solutions with a quick-turn platform offering.

However, being an industry expert is not required. UROS warmly welcomes everyone with a passion towards innovation or simply a curious mind and a willingness to learn and understand more about new technologies.

UROS CTO Rauno Jokelainen states “We are incredibly proud of our Innovation Center team for their dedicated effort on building this space from the ground up and creating something truly unique.”

“UROS has always believed in the power of partnerships, and this time has been no different. We are excited that so many leading companies have already joined the Innovation Center and want to thank them for their valuable contribution”, he adds.

On this occasion, UROS is also delighted to announce the Innovation Center’s launch day partners Aeromon, Bittium, EBV & SIMcom, Elisa, Keysight, LG Electronics, Oura, Qualcomm, Thundercomm and University of Oulu

Visits can be arranged by contacting Verneri Kohonen, Head of Innovation & Technology at UROS. To ensure the health and safety of staff and visitors, operations begin on an appointment only basis for time being. 

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Verneri Kohonen
Head of Innovation & Technology

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