UROS introduces 5G compatibility via micro-operator functionality with University of Oulu

February 21, 2019

Completed a mobile data call using a connection by its Goodspeed service at the 5G Test Network (5GTN) facilities in Oulu, Finland

21st February, 2019 - Oulu. UROS Group, a global innovator in turnkey IoT solutions and smart connectivity has demonstrated compatibility with 5G technologies by completing a mobile data call over a connection provided by its Goodspeed service at the local 5G Test Network facilities in Oulu, Finland.

In this project UROS eSIM back-end system was modified to enable smart connectivity in the 5GTN at the University of Oulu campus, effectively demonstrating elements of the micro-operator scheme. Local vertical specific networks are considered to be one of the key new deployment models for 5G networks to enable new use cases and service scenarios.

The successful result is significant for UROS, as 5G is expected play an important role in creating a critical foundation for the further rise of smart devices as well as in supporting next-generation IoT services in key industry verticals. UROS Vice President of Product Creation, IoT, Aimo Vainio comments: “This local 5G network micro-operator functionality is a great achievement of UROS and University of Oulu collaboration on 5G technology. University of Oulu is a highly recognized institution in wireless communication area and UROS is excited to work with the University teams to enable new innovations in 5G era.”

University of Oulu’s Centre for Wireless Communications is one of the leading research institutes globally within its field. The centre has pioneered the development of local vertical specific service provider networks (aka. micro-operator concept) to speed up digitalization through 5G and launched the world’s first 6G Flagship research program.

University of Oulu Director for 6G Flagship, Matti Latva-aho adds, “Local 5G vertical specific service provider concept has been under research for several years at University of Oulu. UROS, as our new research partner, has demonstrated to have an encouraging technical solution to support the establishment of local 5G networks by providing the means for users to roam to these local networks. This gives us high motivation to continue the research co-operation”.

UROS Director, Strategic Partnerships Tapio Rautava will be discussing the research collaboration and the future opportunities of 5G at the IEEE 6G Wireless Summit next month.

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