UROS Sense and UROS Flow win Innovative Technology Award at IBR ASEAN Awards

May 28, 2021

Award was accepted by Eero Väisänen, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Finland in Kuala Lumpur.


28th May 2021 - Kuala Lumpur. UROS water technologies UROS Sense for quality monitoring and UROS Flow for leakage detection have been named winners at the International Business Review ASEAN Awards this year. The awards recognise companies that are committed to innovation, operational excellence and sustainability. 

UROS Sense and UROS Flow solutions won top prize in the Innovative Technology category in the Smart Utilities sector. This award showcases organisations or solutions that have led the way in creating and innovating technologies that have improved businesses and the lives of people.

The IBR ASEAN Awards Adjudication panel chooses the winners following a thorough process where their achievements, commitment to innovation, operational excellence and sustainability are all taken into consideration. Deciding factors for UROS Sense and UROS Flow included UROS’ drive to explore new opportunities in technology while deploying innovative IoT solutions to improve water efficiency, quality and management in the region.

“We are grateful for this acknowledgement for UROS Sense and UROS Flow solutions. IoT is often thought of as quite an abstract concept, but through solutions like ours, there is a huge opportunity to make a meaningful and positive impact on people’s lives, while also contributing towards a more sustainable management of water as a resource”, says Hannu Nikurautio, UROS Senior Director.

The award was accepted on UROS’ behalf by Eero Väisänen, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Finland in Kuala Lumpur.


About UROS Sense
UROS Sense is a turnkey IoT solution made up of smart wireless sensors, gateways and an AI-powered data processing system. It uses electrochemical fingerprinting to detect and report changes in water quality in real time, sending an automated alert whenever a significant deviation from a predefined reference baseline occurs. The methodology, developed by water specialists, electrochemists, automation engineers and neural network experts, is extremely effective with its ability to detect overall quality changes before they become visible in individual parameters.


About UROS Flow
UROS Flow is a turnkey IoT solution for leakage detection with a real-time hydraulic modelling capability. UROS Flow creates forecasts about a water supply network’s leakage, pressure, water distribution and water flow, providing crucial real-time understanding about its overall operation and condition. UROS Flow supports the assurance of clean, safe and high-quality drinking water in cities and municipalities.

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