UROS signs significant IoT contract in Russia

September 12, 2019

Contract value €150 million

Rollout starts during Q4/2019

12th September, 2019 - Oulu. UROS has signed new contracts with its main distribution partners in Russia regarding sales of Smart Water Cycle technology and delivery of associated services. The value of the transaction is approximately €150 million and the rollout of the sales will happen in several phases, with the first deliveries and installations taking place in Tatarstan during Q4/2019.

At first stage, this project was approved by the Minister of Ecology of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mr. Shadrikov with the presence of President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mr. Minnihanov. Together with its Russian partners, UROS will deliver and install Smart Water Cycle technology to many of the largest Russian water treatment entities, thereby supporting the digitalisation of local water facilities.

UROS Group CLO and President Pekka Puolakka says of the contract: “UROS’ mission is to develop cutting edge IoT technology with local and global impact. We are very pleased to be part of the Russian water digitalisation process, and to see our technology enable the improved management and protection of natural resources, thus addressing some of the environmental challenges we face today.”

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