eSIM For The Roaming Consumer: Strategy Report 2018

January 21, 2018

The embedded SIM was introduced several years ago and since then it has resolved many issues by enabling the possibility to switch between MNO profiles both domestically and internationally.

At present, MNOs are about to enter a very interesting chapter for consumer eSIM products. It could be said that eSIM will allow MNOs to become increasingly virtual with their customer relationships, moving away from the era of in-store consumer touch points. The eSIM will make it much easier for MNOs to provide completely digital solutions and for consumers to switch between network providers. However, the adoption of this technology will not happen overnight.

To further investigate the topic, ROCCO - in partnership with UROS - conducted research and analysis covering the following points:

+ Effects of eSIM in the context of international roaming
+ MNOs’ current strategic opinions on eSIM
+ Estimated timeline for the roll-out of eSIM services
+ MNOs’ role in the consumer eSIM implementation process

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