Roaming IoT Platforms: An evaluator's guide to connecting global IoT devices

December 1, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a much talked about evolutionary next step in innovation stretching across multiple industries. In discussions with mobile network operators (MNOs) worldwide, UROS has uncovered how employing IoT platforms for roaming is useful in the global service offering context, yet also have creates challenges in delivering end-to-end global coverage for roaming IoT devices.

By enabling new technologies, IoT makes transformative business applications possible. They are not, however, immune to issues similar to those facing the average subscriber: bill shock, coverage and transparency of data consumption. Security is also a core priority for companies. The risks of hacking and illicit use circulate among the industry causing concern about the sustainability of the existing solutions and platforms.

To further investigate the topic, UROS conducted research and analysis covering the following points:

+ Business opportunities for roaming and roaming IoT platforms
+ Existing solutions in the market
+ Implementation challenges associated with roaming IoT platforms faced by enterprises and MNOs
+ Business solutions enabled by roaming IoT

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