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Why mobile handset manufacturers choose Goodspeed Roaming

UROS' pioneering connectivity solution sets partner OEMs apart from competition. The Goodspeed Roaming App can be leveraged as a driver for growth, both in terms of acquiring new customers and creating added value for existing ones.

Clear value to end user

Goodspeed Roaming App offers low-cost mobile data globally for those who want to keep it simple. No extra devices to carry.

Fast implementation

We work with speed and have a clear and simple implementation process with the partner OEM, maintaining transparency throughout.

Compliance to industry standards

Our connectivity services are always delivered in accordance with the industry standards and in co-operation with selected carriers and M2M suppliers.

ZTE differentiates with app ecosystem

ZTE, one of the global leaders in the mobile handset manufacturing industry, has implemented Goodspeed Roaming App in many of its Android smartphones as a joint product development project with UROS. Goodspeed Roaming offers global mobile data connection at low cost, for which there is a strong demand among ZTE's customers. In the age of connectivity, the solution lets the company differentiate as a player ahead of innovation and premium services.

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