Perfecting the
Water Flow.

Smart Water Cycle for increased efficiency and water quality for cities, municipalities and water utilities globally.

Relevant information that enables proactive work

Ensure that your water supply system operates correctly and efficiently. Solve possible problems quicker and in a professional manner.

Network Status Insight

Identify changes that are the most urgent or beneficial for the water network. Gain a better understanding about where to invest.

Management Dashboard

View information in one place and make decisions based on facts. Track the impact of the investments made.

Smart Water for Smart Cities

For cities, municipalities and water utilities, UROS Flow is an unmissable turnkey package of advanced digital services to improve operations and functionalities in the most critical points in water management.

UROS Flow gives municipalities the digital tools to monitor and manage leakage and quality levels throughout their water networks. Supported by the right data, you will be able to make better informed investments in your city's water infrastructure.

Hannu Nikurautio
Senior Director

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