A new era for events.

Our mission with UROS Live is to create better experiences for fans and event-goers and drive new revenue streams and synergies for businesses.

Event Organizers


Service Providers

How it Works

Effortlessly create a digital dimension to any event

Enabling the creation of event instances, adding relevant services and venues to the event and integrating event functionalities to digital customer interfaces.

Uncover value from shared event and customer data

Providing tools for shared data analytics between different stakeholders about event and end-customer choices and preferences to uncover behavioral patterns and triggers.

Enrich end-customer experience through partner ecosystem

Facilitating collaboration between service providers for the creation and launch of new innovative services within events to delight event-goers.

What our customers say:

"Our goal is to engage the fans and encourage them to become a part of a more active hockey game event through using modern technology, and to offer even more new services in the future for our fans, partners and other companies."

Tommi Virkkunen, Managing Director

Kärpät Oulu Hockey Club

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