Liquid quality monitoring service.

Powerful Insight

Uncover cause-and-effect relationships affecting liquid quality that parameter-selective sensors and solutions fail to see.

Real-Time Data

Get a real-time view of the electrochemical fingerprint of the liquid, automatically measured once a minute by the UROS Sense sensor and presented online.

AI Powered Notifications

Take corrective actions without delay when needed thanks to the automatic alerts, triggered by significant deviations from the set baseline.

What our customers say

"With UROS Sense, we are able to optimise our sampling and have access to more data to make the important daily operative decisions."


Your 6th Sense for Quality Monitoring

For municipal water operators and industries, UROS Sense is the easy, affordable and low-maintenance solution for liquid quality monitoring.

It’s the world's only wireless single-sensor solution capable of detecting quality deviations in real time, in any type of liquid, designed for even the harshest environments.

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