Sense every change.

With UROS Sense we give water utilities and industry the tools to make proactive and fact-based decisions to avoid wastage and downtime. The award-winning hardware and software work together seamlessly and have been developed by a team of water specialists, chemists, automation engineers and neural network experts.

Municipal Water

Pulp and Paper

Beverage and Brewing

All Relevant Data at a Glance

Real-time Monitoring

Get a real-time view of the electrochemical fingerprint of the liquid. Automatically taken once a minute, every minute. That's 1440 new data points delivered directly to your dashboard every day. From every sensor.


Use the data points to find and understand cause-and-effect relationships affecting liquid quality. Even those that parameter-selective sensors and solutions fail to see. New insights can help you make better predictions.

Less waste. More savings.

Improved predictions help you save money and resources. Detecting issues and dealing with them before they affect end-product quality also means less spoilage and less waste.

What our customers say:

"With UROS Sense, we are able to optimise our sampling and have access to more data to make the important daily operative decisions. UROS Sense also supports our Sanitation safety planning (SSP) objectives."

Hannu Mustonen, CEO

Lahti Palvelu Ltd, a Lahti Aqua Ltd Company

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