Archery champion turned Software Engineer - meet Atte Jauhiainen

August 24, 2021

We are so proud of the team at UROS, and are happy to introduce our people in various roles from time to time. This time it was R&D Software Engineer, Atte Jauhiainen’s turn in the hot seat, as we talked with him about his journey from student life to working life. 


What did you study?

I’ve studied (and still do) computer science and engineering (tietotekniikka), and I became a Bachelor of Science in 2019. I chose to specialize in applied computing and I did my bachelor’s thesis on a (5G) antenna radiation pattern visualization tool for Nokia. I plan to graduate in 2021 and now I am working on my master’s thesis.

​​​​​​What topics or classes did you find most interesting?

I did not only have one single topic that I was super into, but I had a general interest for basically all topics that were taught. This meant that it was slightly difficult to choose my study path, since studying everything was not an option. I chose to leave the more hardware-oriented courses out and focus on software applications. The courses I enjoyed the most had something in common: they introduced interesting applications that people typically take for granted, such as asymmetric encryption methods that enable secure internet communications, or image processing methods that are utilized “under the hood” for every photo we take on our mobile phones. I also enjoyed some of the group project courses we had, such as the programmable web project.

Besides the classes, what did you enjoy about your time as a student?

I really loved the community and all the silly events that students organized. During the earlier years of my studies I was a frequent sight at our student organizations guildroom. I am originally from Helsinki but moved to Oulu when I started studying. I didn’t really know anybody here, so the community helped me to achieve a sense of belonging here in Oulu. The peer support is also invaluable for studying. I am sure the friends I’ve gotten here will last a lifetime!

How have your studies been useful in your work? Have you been able to apply the knowledge you learned?

Some of the theory learned at school I currently use quite frequently at work - some not so much. However, the pure theoretical knowledge gained during the studies might not be the most important thing that a university degree provides. I believe the most valuable skills are about how to find information and how to apply that to the problem at hand. That is a skill I definitely use everyday - as does everybody else working in this industry. I think that the combination of purely theoretical courses e.g. “differential equations”, more applicable courses e.g. “digital techniques” and project courses such as “software project” completed in a team provide a good foundation for learning more and to be able to work in the industry.

Any other things worth mentioning about your experience as a student?

I also spent a couple of years on our student guild board, and I was on the student unions student council for one term. On top of those I was an officer (toimihenkilö) in our guild on 5 different occasions/positions, and also helped to organise some Wappu events for a few years. So as much as I was getting from the community I hope I was also able to give back.

What has your career journey been like before joining UROS?

I did some manual labour jobs before my studies and even after the first year of study. After my second year of study I scored a job at Nokia, where I worked for two years - full time in the summers and part time in the winters. I also did my bachelor’s thesis for Nokia. At Nokia I programmed tools for managing over-the-air (OTA) test environments and measurement results. I am very happy that I had that job as my first job, as it was a good learning experience in the industry. The team there was great and very helpful, and those years at Nokia really showed me that I want to pursue a career in this field.

How did you find your way to UROS?

In early 2019 I attended the Pesti-päivät recruitment fair at the university of Oulu. I went there optimistically with a dozen CVs printed out and had a plan of visiting every company stand that hires software engineers. Just before leaving the fair, I met Santtu at the UROS stand. I left the event with a few interviews in the calendar, but UROS managed to convince me.

Has your role evolved during your time at UROS? If yes, how?

It most definitely has. For the whole time I’ve worked on the same product, Goodspeed, but on very different sides. I started by improving our performance testing scripts, then moved to working on the front-end and now for the last year I’ve been concentrating on the back-end. Also, on the side I am doing my master’s thesis which is about modeling user sequences and generating performance tests from that. So with that I’ve been involved in front-end, back-end, testing and cloud infrastructure.

Things you enjoy in your day-to-day work?

The thing I enjoy the most is the constant learning process. No matter how much you know about the field or how good a programmer you are, there is always something new to learn. Also the feelings of accomplishment when you’ve worked hard on an issue and you’re able to tackle some difficult problems is very satisfying - even if the process may be rather tedious at times.

Any stories you want to mention about your team and colleagues?

Well I don’t have any funny stories I can share here, but I must say that I have incredible colleagues. The willingness to help and to lend a helping hand is something I value very highly.

What do you enjoy doing on your time off?

Before university I was very invested in archery. I still do it as a hobby, but not nearly as seriously as I used to be. To remind me of those days I have ~18 Finnish championship medals and even finished 16th in junior world championships back in the day. Nowadays my hobbies are a bit more relaxed and along with archery, I enjoy disc golf, playing the piano and sailing.


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