From ice to water - meet Matias Timonen

January 8, 2021

“We are challenged to develop ourselves and to grow as much as we dare.”

Matias Timonen is part of UROS Sense and Flow teams. He is a Senior Program Manager with a passion for new technologies, motivated by an ambition to make a difference. In his free time Matias enjoys sports and games. Ice hockey, a sport he has played since the age of eight, is particularly close to his heart. At UROS, Matias’ responsibilities revolve around the successful completion of customer projects in Europe and the CIS countries.

Teamwork without borders

For projects ongoing in Russia, Kazakhstan and Croatia, Matias works closely with the region’s Managing Director who is located in Kazakhstan, as well as the R&D and Operations teams in Finland. Communication and a shared vision are essential. “Coordinating the efforts of different teams is demanding but rewarding”, Matias describes. “It requires attention to strategy, implementation, and delegation. My degree in Civil Engineering and my background in team sports have proven to be very valuable. I don’t only rely on my practical work experience in this role”.

Determination gets you a long way

Matias always knew he wanted to work with something that matters, and water being one of the most important substances on Earth fulfills that criteria for him. In addition to that, he finds the company culture meaningful. “At UROS, we are constantly given a chance to show what we are made of”, Matias says. “ We are given the opportunity to succeed. We are challenged to develop ourselves and to grow as much as we dare. There isn’t really a limit. That’s what drives me everyday.”

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